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HI ,on this day I want to playing hackthebox WEB, emdee five for live is bases on python scripting.

Identify Target

When I open the website and I encypt string to md 5, I got message (Too slow!) and I have tried many times I still get a same message and I think something's wrong

and I searched from hack the box forum and someone comment saying to build tool using request, hashlib and re.

Now I build a tool to automate this with a python script, I use Request module for Get and post, hashlib for md5 and re for regex


First I use request module to get request from targetbox then I split random string and hashlib module to encrypt MD5 the last I add regex

if you are lazy to make tools u can download from my github (clickhere)


let’s exploit python emdefiveforlive.py

Damn I successfully got flag from the website,

if you ask, where the flag??, Focus on HTB{N1c3_ScrIpt1nG_B0i!}

Thank you for reading, See you next time



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